by Jeffrey Murrell


Divided by countries, and then by states,
By color and age, by belief and sex,
So's the condition of the human race.
It seems we divide ourselves without sense
Into thousands of groups, without range,
Categorized into so many sets.
Yet, here is another one which I see;
It consists of man in a group of three,

The first one is made up by those who breed;
They're the sexiest and most attractive.
Perhaps others may be better looking,
But they're the ones who are most active
In man's reproduction (as a duty).
They're whom this race relies on to live;
Romance in disguise, it's simply their job,
Their first function, if they like it or not.

The second consists of those who protect.
These are the strongest and the most agile.
They're our adventurers and defend
The race from harm, and those who are fragile
From that which is strong: greed and revenge!
If not for them, we'd survive just a while.
They fight all that which needs to be fought,
Be it their interest or be it not.

The third is the thinker--mankind's wisdom.
They're the most intelligent of us all.
They are our understanders of reason;
They invent things using logic and thought,
And heighten our senses of perception,
Moving man forward with science and art.
It's their assignment to see that man's taught,
Whether it's what they intend to or not.

So, from one of these three, where does one stand?
A man with six kids, a soldier who paints;
An athlete, artist or family man?
We have simply to find his one best forté!
The same with his wife who writes and works as
The girls' track coach after school on weekdays:
He hates his job and gets bored with painting,
She jots rhymes, but has won medals racing!