by Jeffrey Murrell


I don't live to serve dead men,
But that's just a memory now.
We've seen a lot of planet Earth,
And gained a lot of know-how.

We're lost in these modern times;
We've got so much to recall.
I've been through so many changes,
I don't dare remember them all!

Sometimes, I wanted to hate you,
But you were just too nifty for that.
There was too much animosity,
And our leaders stabbed us in the backs!

I thought it would get better,
But the story never did change,
We rushed around to end up sitting around;
It was misery for misery's sake!

You carried a rifle, ate like a dog years on end.
You had nothing to return to, but at least you have a friend.

Sergeant Fransisco, where are you now?
Are you back home in Tennessee,
Or are you living near your old pal?
Do you still have that strange old story I wrote?
Does it ever remind you of me?
Sergeant Fransisco, thank God we're finely free!