by Jeffrey Murrell

DA 6

I looked up at that list and saw my name.
Oh, no! God! Not again!
I turned on the tube, watched some dudes trout fishing
Up in the great American Northwest.
Learned that ol'Rudy Valley had his whole life laid out
For us from beginning to end,
I learned an alien tongue just to sit up
Like a dumb bookend!
Again! Yes, again!

I'm easily seduced by early evening light.
It taunts me when they make me stay inside.
The blue night swells up over everything,
And I can only gaze out at the big city lights!
I have no control over my existence.
It makes me ponder until it hurts the mind.
My mind -- God, it hurts my mind!

DA 6 -- I'm on it again!
DA 6
I feel like dancing!
I feel like romancing!
I feel like having some fun!
But I can't 'cause they got me trapped by the law.
No, I can't because I'm trapped by the law.
The law!