by Jeffrey Murrell


There just ain't no sense in getting totally obscene!
And I don't like that boy in drag looking at me!
Grief is a tyrant who never gives in.
Don't be upset now, darling.
Don't, don't be upset!
If I must adhere to such responsibility,
Why must so many mumble such important things?
Turn off the TV, babe. Come stare at me!
But don't be a pain now, honey!
Don't, don't be a pain!

You know we all know folks who know everything!
Oh, roger that, good buddy. (Go grab some beer!)
Lock me in a room where the lights are all dim!
It ain't nothing new now, sugar!
It ain't, ain't nothing new!

I like to party 'till my life is at stake.
That's such a lovely view, but there's a house in the way!
I know what she looks like underneath all those things!
I'd like to go and meet her.
I'd like to fall apart!

I make my friends just a little too easy.
But there's always time for bio-activity!
She ain't got no tattoos on her gorgeous body.
She said, "Come just a little bit closer ...
Don't, don't be afraid!"

She was this German chick who had a surprise:
A Mulatto baby from a U.S. GI!
He up and left her--why, "Dass tut mir Leid."
How could she have been so stupid?
How could he have wrecked their lives?