by Jeffrey Murrell


Hey, you! Sitting there all alone!
I said, hey, you! Like you're in the ozone!
Hey, you! What'd you come here for?

Yeah, my goodness life is hard!
That's why you need someone there
To ask you how your day went,
Someone who really cares.

It's better to have a stranger
Shoot you an icy cold glare
Than a forty-five round
Through the head!

And there's going to be some shame,
So we close our eyes
And forget about all
The stupid social jive!

It'd be nice to relive
The glitter days of Rock,
But Little Richard gave it all up
In the name of God!

Hey, you! With the tattoos on your arms!
I said, hey, you! With hair down to the floor!
Hey, you! What the hell did YOU come for?

You know, conservatives were picketing
For a nuclear plant,
Then they crashed into the ballroom
And beat up all the fags!

After us two-legged animals
Got up and danced
To Hank the Space Monkey
And his Cosmic Band.

And all the handsome young studs
Swarmed fathoms deep
Around the queen bee
'Till she couldn't breathe!

There was young Hans
Acting studly and rich
'Till he got his ass kicked
By some military bitch!

Someone hit the switch
To the video screen,
Turned off all the lights,
And the girls screamed!

They were shooting smack, smoking crack
And begging for more,
Then the vice squad attacked
And laid them on the floor!

I said, "Shame on you!"
(Their brains were warped enough!)
I said, "Shame on you!"
Shame, shame!
Shame, shame!