by Jeffrey Murrell


So I lay me down to sleep,
Bring a temporary end to my life.
Then come the visions from outer space
To disrupt my death in the night.

They thrust me up! Tear away my sheets!
But bring me renewed peace of mind.
And all my hopes lay so far away.
And I swear it is the very last time!

Standing tall on a puppet stage,
Perhaps for the very last time,
An old man bade me to stay.
I felt he was out of line.

I did remain and I did survey
His lack of pomp and jive.
I looked at him, and he at me,
And he said, "It's great to be alive!"

Now, this old man was familiar, yet strange.
Then I realized why!
He painted makeup on my face
And dressed me in disguise.

And it was I who would take his place
(I would assume his old lies)!
He would retire from his style and grace,
And live like a normal guy.

The strangest of strange dreams
Seem to be following me!
The strangest of strange dreams
Are surely following me!