by Jeffrey Murrell


Have you heard
About a place of tact
Where the sun is red
And the horizon's cracked?

In the sky's a giant showcase window of dreams,
On the ground stands a pyramid green with liberty.

An old friend and me,
We had a long chat
About the things we could do there
And the things we could have.

So if you have,
Could you direct me, please?
I've been searching so long for a place to be free!

I met a young lady
Who was traveling there;
She kept her money in a chocolate box
And braids in her hair,

I asked why she was going,
But she could only respond
That she was seeking to shed worries
And to break old bonds.

And when she left without me,
I really didn't care!
Because she knew she'd never find it.
(You know, life is so unfair!)

I stood and watched her leave
Until she was gone,
Then I turned to face my own life
And watch it carry on.

But we're so tired of the idiots;
We're sick of the pain
We've got everything to lose
And nothing to gain,

Our bodies can't move,
Our souls always ache.
And there's nothing we can do.
No wonder we're insane!