by Jeffrey Murrell


On the day the first human souls appeared,
Mother Nature cast them down to the earth,
Put them in bodies to see them more clear.
But that was really not nice of her
To trap us in these vulnerable frames
Amid an environment so hostile,
At the mercy of hunger, thirst and pain
In these delicate bodies so fragile!
What is flesh against snow and sharp rocks?
Existence limited by time and room
Within a dimension we can't unlock.
Now we're afraid to trade "life" in for "doom";
We fear to be freed once again by "death."
But not for those who think it'd be for their best!

And surly she can't understand our fear.
She's a selfish ol' bitch, Mother Nature!
And she wanted more toys to watch down here,
So she made man's intelligence his curse
And forged his emotions from this high trait
As she developed a plan to divide
The race into many--females and males
To reproduce and bring more in her sight!
We are to fall in love and, from this shock,
Sexually engage in groups of two
To make children to replenish her stock
(Because HER enjoyment should continue).
But it's not as easy as she'd expect,
Though we're animals in every respect.

As animals, we are intelligently weird.
We must have ignored the sexual urge,
So, we produced no children whom to rear
So she made something else with which to purge
Man's dignity as a thinking race:
A demeaning biological bribe!
For the good boys and girls who play her game,
A petty reward which we all desire,
More so by those who are weak in our lot
Who lack of intellectual pursuits;
Just animals whose spirits have been lost
Or warped beyond that which is human truth.
Shame on Mother Nature and her poor sense
For belittling mankind's soul with sex!