by Jeffrey Murrell


A middle-aged man in a café
With an acid rock hairdo
Still wearing mama's Levis
Was talking sophomore poo
To a somewhat younger woman
Still lost in punker times
When a group of brand new has-beens
And a bitch princess arrived.

A woman who was wearing
A business-skirt type suit
Assured the lost punk lady
That Mr. Spock was good as new.
"I think you will enjoy it,"
She said, eating like a soldier.
"My, how I act like I'm so young,
But I know I'm getting older!"

I put out my cigarette,
Smiled and shook my head.
I am just as pathetic,
But I won't end up like them!
I have few dreams,
But I know what I must do.
I have only dreams,
So dreams will have to do.