by Jeffrey Murrell


From intelligence comes emotion
Don't you wish you were dumb?

Don't tell her she's beautiful.
Tell her what she doesn't know!

Candy here, flowers there, pretty ribbons for her hair.
That opened her eyes, and she found "love."

That man she met--
Oh, he talked so smooth!
She loved him!
Her mother begged,
"Don't you ever let him hurt you!"
But she loved him.

The book of God confused them.
Holy pages soiled by farmland fingertips.

But words alone could not convince them.
They needed peace of mind by something other.

Papa's voice, Christmas toys, girls and boys;
Nature's joys!
Yes, yes, yes! Oh, yes! Nature's joys!

He touched her breast,
Laid her down with a passionate kiss!
She loved him!
He ripped her dress;
The only one that she'd ever had!
But she loved him.

Mesmerized by emotion
She realized how great was life and was devoted.

She said, "Mother, he makes me feel
So beautiful, whole and complete!"

They were to marry for richer or poorer.
Why won't he still talk to her?

He suddenly left!
With another girl, yes he did!
She loved him!

He never said
Another word to her ever again,
But she loved him.
But she loved him.
She loved him.

Pretty lady, your heart is broken.
Your soul is crying, you're singing the blues!
Take some time, dear. Your heart will mend.
But if it will help, I'll cry with you.