by Jeffrey Murrell


We vowed we'd never think so seriously
Like them folks who don't want themselves in too deep.

Now old Mark--all he wants is a bank with a phone
So he can call 'em up and apply for loans.

And where's Stevie Phillips who used to deal coke?
Well, he's in another business (and that ain't no joke)!

Our old pal, Ray, who used to party all the time,
You know he joined the navy--says he'll be in for life!

We all thought it was the end of the world
When sexy young Melinda had her a baby girl!

Now we've forgotten about Afghanistan
And our favorite band hall's a rundown shack.

We must make do without the things we left behind;
It takes a while to adjust to revolution and time.

We're wearing funky new junk and talking brand new sass
That's blowing us away like a nuclear blast!

Whatever happened to us and all those good times
When we were young and so high on life?