by Jeffrey Murrell


If I had a magic bubble,
We'd be safe, you and me.
If I did, we'd be invincible, you and me (uh-huh)!

The cosmos is small when you're in a magic bubble.
We could fly, you and me!
We could see all the stars and the planets
In one day (uh-huh)!

So it would go if we had a magic bubble;
Things would change for you and me.
We could learn to live without our troubles;
They'd go away (uh-huh)!

And if I had such a magic bubble
I'd jump back in time,
Dressed as Quetzalcoatl!
I'd scare off Cortez,
And his whole damned army
Would be sorry they came (Yeah-yeah)!

If we wanted, we could do a bit of shopping
'Round the world, in one day:
We could see a movie in Berlin,
Then dine in Beijing (uh-huh)!

And if we had a magic bubble,
We would live through eternity.
We would live forever and always!
(Maybe ten more years--uh-huh!)

And if there was such a magic bubble,
I'd speed up a bit
To catch the creeps
Who'd want to sell the world
To those alien freaks
(They'd be so sorry if they did--yeah-yeah)!

Although we have no magic bubble,
We'll survive, you and me.
Although we are nothing more than mortal, you and me (uh-huh)!

What a shame we have no magic bubble
To wreck all the things
That cause all our troubles
And to fight the fools
With all the ideas
That make life such a mess (Yes-yes)!