by Jeffrey Murrell


Look around you,
Take a look at your life!
Have you done what you want to?
Is what you see what you like?

Look around at all the people in strife!
And ask yourself what you've got to show for your life.
Did you raise yourself with other people in mind?
You live today, but it's not your own life.

Look around you!

Look around you--take note of the times!
Stress comes with change, and it's eating you alive.
You play the game and try to beat the other guys;
You need a break my friend,
You've got to take five!

Look around you!

Look around you--everything's speeding by!
And ask yourself why you're in overdrive.
What'cha want to gain? Want a piece of the pie?
You ignore the pain, and you tell yourself lies.

Look around you!

Look around you--everything's so uptight!
What you have you don't want
And what you want you can't buy.
Get yourself a friend, any shade, any size.
Can't be too picky; Just take what you find!

And look around you!