by Jeffrey Murrell


Walking through the trees it makes me
Feel, feel, feel--feel so green
Walking there with you beside me
You, you, you--next to me.

Come walk with me!
Come talk with me!
Come hold me close and tell me
That you love me!
Come hold my hand,
Tell me I'm your man!
Come lay me down beside you and we'll dream!
Walking through the streets it makes me
Feel, feel, feel--feel so mean.
Walking there where no one's a friend, it makes me
Feel, feel, feel--feel so unseen.

Don't talk to me!
Don't mess with me!
Just look the other way or I'll scream!
Don't say hello!
Don't let your feelings show!
Just keep your business to yourself
and crawl back to your hole!

Life for some is not so bleak,
Not, not, not--not so bleak.
Yes, life for some is quite a merry old ride.
What a fine, fine, fine--very fine thing!

Peace is free,
Hopes and dreams!
I've been sailing all my life
But I haven't saved a thing.
What a life of gain,
But such a life of pain!
What the hell would I do with myself if I had a dream?

It seems like love's just a second need,
Something we, we, we--we can't see.
Just why is everyone a stranger when
We, we, we don't have to be?

We should hold our hands!
Sing, "Yes we can!"
Go give someone a great big hug and
Make yourself a friend!

Don't turn your head!
Look around instead!
There's someone out there looking for you,
Someone who might care . . . .

We'll dream of things that have yet to be
Things, things, things that have yet to be.
As long as we stay together now,
We, we, we--we will see

The world will change,
But it will be the same.
Things come and go and always make demands!
Just take this life
One day at a time
And laugh away the fools
who cannot see what we can see!