WARNING: Adult content - lots of sex and violence (really - I wrote most of what's on this web page long before I again undertook being a "good boy" in life, so stay away from the poems if you're easily offended by that kind of stuff)!

Now that that's out of the way, thanks for looking in on my really, really personal web page of dark art and literature. My last name comes from the eastern part of merry old England, and its original Celtic meaning translates roughly into "sea bright" - so that's a nickname that I adopted some time ago (my e-mail address is seabrite@execpc.com). I was born in Los Angeles, California late December back in '63 ("Oh what a night!"). Thankfully, I was raised elsewhere after only having to spend about five years there (my dad used to say you couldn't even give him California, that's how much he hated the place after it got so terribly overcrowded, dangerous and dirty back in the late 1960s). I was born with an Einstein-genius IQ, but spent so much time in Louisiana that it eventually dropped to only an average level (for every year spent in Louisiana, you lose a point off your IQ; see my ebook on this page, Elysian Fields Lost, for more info on what life in Louisiana does to a person)! Anyway, I moved to beautiful, "Portlandesque" (as in, just as lovely as living in Portland, Oregon - except much bigger) Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1992 to get away from my dad and New Orleans, and to go to Marquette University Law School. I have been in Milwaukee ever since.

Music and creative writing became sort of therapeutic hobbies for me towards the end of my army stint from 1982 to 1988. I did the music thing for a while, playing my guitar and singing my songs in taverns and clubs in Germany and back in America. Click here to listen to a few of the songs (out of the many I wrote) which I eventually got to have published. I started banging out weird stories on a heavy, old typewriter in my teen years to release pent up frustrations, and now I regret that all my old manuscripts got thrown out or lost after I shipped off to join the army after graduating high school. Oh, well - the five years of hard, federal time I did in the army listening to poo-brained Soviet and East-German tank and ground troops swear at each other over their military radios provided much inspiration for some of my better (or, should I say, stranger) poetry and other creative writings (not all of them are posted on this web site, of course). My songs and poetry are also inspired by dreams, and people whom I've known in the past, some from whom I was forced to estrange myself completely long ago due to their inability to make better choices in life (*sigh*).

Okay! That's all! Enjoy my stuff and, if you would be so kind, let me know what you think by signing my guest book or e-mailing me (and, please, be kind -I know some of the stuff's dark and weird! Why do you think I'm sharing it with the rest of the world???).